The Road Less Traveled: Polish & Ukrainian Research

Beyond the Draft: WWI Records in the National Archives

Cutting-Edge Genealogy: Using New Technology and Thinking to Move Your Research

New Avenues to Italian Family Research

An Introduction to Irish Research

Beyond the Basics of Irish Genealogy

Beginning Your Genealogical Journey

Beginning Your Genealogical Journey

Genealogy 101: Two Lectures

Beginning Your Irish Research

Reap More Genealogical Bounties

Genealogy 101: Two Lectures

Getting Started on Your Family History

Advancing Your Genealogical Journey

Getting Started on Your Family History

NYG&B 2012 Repository Tours: National Archives Northeast Region

NYG&B 2012 Repository Tours: New York City Municipal Archives

NYG&B 2012 Repository Tours: The Milstein & Map Divisions of NYPL

NYG&B 2012 Repository Tours: Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

NYG&B 2012 Repository Tours: The Manuscripts and Archives Division of NYPL

NYG&B 2012 Repository Tours: Center for Jewish History

The Road to the 1940 Census: In Search of Your Family History

A Matter of Church Heraldry

Acquiring a Coat of Arms

Differentiating a Logo from a Coat of Arms

The Heraldry of Wine 1/29/13

Tracking Nineteenth Century German-American Families: More Strategies and Sources for New York Researchers

Using New York Area Resources for Jewish Genealogical Research

Now Playing on Your Home Computer: The 1940 Census

Resources for Locating Caribbean Ancestors in New York City

Walking Tour: Trinity Church Cemetery in Upper Manhattan

Book Talk at the NYG&B: Hey America, Your Roots are Showing!

Book Talk: Oxford Geneticist, Brian Sykes at the NYG&B - SOLD OUT

Research in Albany 2012 *SOLD OUT!

Learn About the Heraldry of American Presidents

Walking Tour: Woodlawn Cemetery

Social Networking for Family Historians

Other Places Your Ancestors Might Be Hiding: "Non-Genealogy" Databases and Internet Resources to Explore

Finding Genealogical Treasure in the NYS Archives

Trace Your Roots with DNA

Book Talk: Marmee and Louisa: The Untold Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Mother

*Rescheduled* Repository Tour: The Genealogy & Map Division of NYPL 2/15/13 *Rescheduled*

Repository Tour: Archives of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine 2/12/13

Repository Tour: New York City Municipal Archives 3/1/13

Repository Tour: The Manuscripts and Archives Division of NYPL, 3/13/13

Repository Tour: National Archives at New York City, 3/26/13

Repository Tour: Center for Jewish History, 4/11/13

Significantly Advance Your Research Skills with Online Legend Steve Morse

Book Talk: Defiant Brides: The Untold Story of Two Revolutionary-Era Women and the Radical Men They Married

New York’s Censuses and City Directories: Ancestral Record Links Across Decennial Gaps of Federal Censuses

My Ancestor Was a What?: Researching Huguenots and Walloons in Europe and America

Exploring the Archives of the Reformed Church in America

Book Talk: African American Legacies

New York State Family History Conference

Book Talk: New Netherland in a Nutshell

New Benefit for NYG&B Members: Brown-Bag Lunch and Problem-Solving Session

New York City Family History Research: An Afternoon of Learning in Memory of Steven Siegel

American Jewish History and Identity through Portraiture

Making Effective Use of

Searching the All-Galicia Database & Gesher Galicia Map Room Online

South African Heraldry

A Life in Heraldry

French Medieval Heraldry

Papal Arms within the Discipline of Ecclesiastic Heraldry

Book Talk: The Quack's Daughter: A True Story About the Private Life of a Victorian College Girl

2014 Repository Tours: NYPL: Milstein Division and Maps Division

2014 Repository Tours: NYPL: Manuscripts and Archives Division

SOLD OUT- 2014 Repository Tours: Municipal Archives Tour #1: Basic Orientation

SOLD OUT: 2014 Repository Tours: Municipal Archives Tour #2: Beyond the Basics

Scottish Herald at the NYG&B

Making Discoveries with Surname Variants

Andiamo in Italia: Italian Family History Research in Italy and from Home

Family Timelines with

Looking for Your New York Tenant Farmer: Little-Used Resources

The Essential Role of Gazetteers in Genealogical Research

2014 Repository Tours: Municipal Archives Tour #2: Beyond the Basics

2014 Repository Tours: Municipal Archives Tour #1: Basic Orientation