How to Submit Queries to the Genealogical Exchange

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Submitting Queries Online

Anyone may submit a query, both members and non-members. There is no charge for a query submitted online.

First, click on the "Submit New Query" tab.

Second, provide your name and email address. This information will NOT be displayed on the website unless you type it into the query field below.

Third, in the field marked "title," add the surname of the family about which you are submitting a query. In the database, queries are filed alphabetically by surname.

Fourth, type the text of your query in the indicated field. We suggest you keep your query to about 100 words or less. To receive a response, you must include a way for readers to contact you. An email address is best. Note that everything you type into the query field will be published.

You might model your query on the example below. Providing known dates, places, and other identifying information is helpful. Please do not use abbreviations.

The final step is for your query to be approved for posting. Queries will not be edited, but queries that do not relate to New York research, advertisements, and non-genealogical queries will not be approved.

Example of An Online Query

HENDERSON-JACKSON. Seeking information on the parents of Nancy Henderson (born about 1765), who married Robert Jackson in Schenectady in the Dutch Reformed Church, 1785. Nancy died in Chautauqua Co. in 1832. Might she be a daughter of John James Henderson of Schenectady? Children of Nancy and Robert: Maria, born 1786; John, born 1788; Cornelia, born 1791; Nicholas, born 1796; Jacob, born 1799; Michael, born 1801; Elizabeth, born 1803; Sarah, born 1806, based on Schenectady, Dorlach, Rhinebeck, and Woestina church records. All baptismal witnesses are related to the paternal Jackson side. Jane Doe, 776 East 86th Street, New York, NY 10028,