Books and CDs Published by the NYG&B

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Since its founding in 1870, the NYG&B has published numerous books and CDs which comprise unique record collections, research guides, family histories, and indexes to our periodicals.   Many are available online to NYG&B members in our eLibrary.  Some of our most recent publications are listed below.  View a complete catalog of items that are available for purchase.

Recent Publications

An Armory of American Families of Dutch Descent

In Novmber 2010 the NYG&B published An Armory of American Families of Dutch Descent.  This book gathers together for the first time all 36 articles on the heraldry of Dutch colonial families written by William J. Hoffman, the pre-eminent authority on the subject, and previously published in the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record along with his final article which appeared in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register.  Edited by Francis J. Sypher, Jr., who has provided an introduction and an armorial index, this is an essential reference for anyone interested in the subject.  The text is accompanied by numerous illustrations of arms, with detailed source references that provide both validation and opportunity for further research.  The book was published on a subscription basis, and a small overrun was printed in order to accommodate anticipated interest in this definitive volume.  A limited number remain for purchase in our store or by calling (212) 755-8532, ext. 208.

Kings County, New York, Administration Proceedings 1817-1856

When anyone dies without a will, Letters of Administration may be issued authorizing a relative or other individual to settle the estate under the supervision of the county Surrogate’s Court.  The Letters themselves contain minimal information of value, but for each of these estates the Court may have other papers relating to the estate proceedings, papers which may contain very useful genealogical data. Starting about 1830 they usually include a petition naming all the heirs-at-law and their places of residence.  Noted genealogist B-Ann Moorhouse, assisted by Joseph Silinonte, abstracted all the administration proceedings files up to 1856.  This book could be a genealogical goldmine for anyone researching families who lived in Brooklyn and the other Kings County towns during the first half of the 19th century.  And since the court indexes only name the decedents, these abstracts may be only way you’ll know the thousands of other names that appear in the files. Purchase the book in our store or read a description of the book, which is available in our members-only eLibrary. 

Voices of the Irish Immigrant: Information Wanted Ads in The Truth Teller, New York City 1825-1844

In the two decades preceding the Famine there was already a considerable Irish immigration to North America, and given the limited communications of the time it was easy to lose track of relatives and friends who had crossed the Atlantic. “Information wanted” ads in newspapers were a means of locating these lost individuals.  Diane Haberstroh and Laura DeGrazia have transcribed and indexed all the ads in surviving 1825-1844 issues of The Truth Teller, New York City’s first Catholic newspaper. The ads mention names of several thousand immigrants living all over North America and, best of all for the genealogist, they also mention nearly 1,000 places of origin in Ireland.  In addition to a personal name index the authors have created indexes to place names in the U.S., Ireland, and other countries, as well as to New York City streets (since relatives or fellow townsmen often settled in the same   neighborhoods). Read a description of the book or purchase the book in our store.