Discount on DNA Testing

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The NYG&B offers its members a chance to participate in some DNA testing at a discounted rate.

A full range of Y-chromosome DNA tests for men, mitochondrial DNA tests for men and women, and autosomal testing for men and women is available through Family Tree DNA, which is the most popular source for DNA testing. Discounts are available for NYG&B members for some but not all DNA tests offered by Family Tree DNA. If you are shopping for a discounted price, be sure to check the prices on the tests on the public site, and the prices on the tests on the link from the members-only section of this website to see if the tests are discounted.

Very Basic Information about DNA Testing

Y-Chromosome test (Y-DNA for men) tests the patrilineal line (the line through your father to his father, his father’s father, etc., usually the surname line). Tests vary based on the number of “markers” tested. Generally, the more markers tested, the more fined tuned are the matches.

Mitochondria test (mtDNA for men and women) test the matrilineal line (the line through your mother to her mother, her mother’s mother, etc.).

Autosomal tests for men and women are also available. This is a newer technology which tests for relationships within relatively recent generations.

Supplemental Testing at a Later Date

Unless you specify otherwise, your DNA is stored, so you can start at any level of testing and add on additional tests later. If, for instance, cost is a concern and you would prefer to take the Y-12 test to start, you can always upgrade to the Y-25 and Y-37 tests in future. You can add on or upgrade the mtDNA later, too. Having your DNA stored will also ensure that your DNA will be available for any new tests developed in years to come.

More Information from Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA’s website includes descriptive materials about the process and interpretation of results.

The technology changes rapidly, which is why it's best to go directly to the Family Tree DNA website for the latest information on DNA testing options.

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