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Membership in the NYG&B entitles you to a substantially discounted subscription (30%) to the online database World Vital Records.  The NYG&B does not earn a commission or any other revenue from your subscription.

This is a large collection of data some of which is unique and may be of extraordinary value to you, some of which is free elsewhere (such as the Social Security Death Index), and some of which is available on other subscription sites such as  Collections from the National Archives are available on World Vital Records, and on other sites.

You may subscribe to their US collection, or to an international collection, which is higher priced. (The international collection is limited to the UK, Ireland, Canada, and Mexico.)

The US collection may be sorted by state. The New York State databases are largely digitized books that are out of copyright.

You are encouraged to visit their website and judge whether the data to be found there is important to your research.  You may scroll through the titles of all databases before subscribing.

Short term and trial subscriptions are offered, so you may take a "test drive".  As with all subscription sites, be sure to note whether renewals are automatic or whether trial subscriptions automatically convert to longer term subscriptions.

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