Additions and Corrections: Peoples of New York

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African American

(page 133) While the act of February 22, 1788 (L. 1788, C.40) included a provision that current slaves and the children of female slaves were to be slaves for life, no penalties were levied on masters who freed a slave, and the practice of manumission continued. 

(page 134) The number of the Haitian-born New Yorkers in 2000 was 125,000, not 105,000.

(page 135) Before 1865 the Southern District also included what is now the Eastern District, comprised of Richmond, Kings, Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties.

(page 136) When it was founded in 1808, the Abyssinian Baptist Church was located on Anthony (now Worth) Street in downtown Manhattan. In the 1920s the church moved uptown to Harlem.


American Indian

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