Additions and Corrections: St. Lawrence County

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(page 640) Town of Canton: delete “Woods” and “York;” Town of Edwards: Edwardsville is in Town of Morristown not Town of Edwards; Notes: Talcville, formerly Freemansburgh, not Freemansville.

(page 641) Town of Fine: delete Stemberg, add Smithville; Town of Fowler: Homers Mills, not Homers Factory).Town of Gouverneur: delete Morrisville (Morrisville was former name of Morristown).Town of Hopkinton: Otter should be Otter Pond;Youngs Camp should be Youngs Road; delete Fernwood Hall; delete Port Jackson. Town of Lawrence: Laverys Corners, Nicholville, not Nicholsville.

(page 642) Town of Lisbon: Chimney Island formerly “Oracotenton,” not “Oraquointon”; Town of Louisville: delete Louisville Corner.

(page 643) Town of Norfolk: Raymondville, not Raymondsville; delete Dishaw.

(page 644) Town of Rossie: Scottish immigrants arrived in 1818, not 1810.

(page 645) The research collection of the St. Lawrence Valley Genealogical Society is now located at the Colton Hepburn Library.

(page 646) Pierrepont Museum is located in Pierrepont; Canton is just the nearest post office. Hermon Heritage Hall is no longer in existence. Parishville Historical Assocation new phone number: (315) 265-4232. Richville Historical Association new phone number: (315) 287-0667.

Village of Massena, St. Lawrence County, 1886 census with the name of the head of household and number of occupants when the village was incorporated in that year. Abstract in Nyando Roots vol. 3 no. 4 p. 16-18.