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Description: Seeking record pages torn from family Bible of Elihu Cook of Shrewsbury, N.J.(1744-1811), given ca. 1905 by Emma Louise Cook (1848-1936), and Annie Eliza Cook (1854-1915), to Mary Brouse Schmuck (Mrs. Adolph Schmuck) of Indianapolis, Indiana, and later New York City. Need proof that Ann Cook, wife of Peter Quick, b. 2 April 1788, was daughter of Elihu Cook (with 2nd wife Mary Stillwell). Mrs. Schmuck’s son Robert changed name to Robert Brouse Thorpe, res. N.Y.C., Washington, D.C., d. 1992, bur. Phoenixville, Pa. Jane Fletcher Fiske, 44 Stonecleave Rd., Boxford, MA 01921.
Date Added:2013-06-05 16:33:13
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