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Description: HANMER. Seeking proof of births of the children of JOSEPH HANMER (b.1792 Pittsfield, MA), d. probably Clinton, NY) and his wife Matilda Hamilton (no info). Undocumented family trees list 13 children. Is TRUMAN Hanmer one of their children? He was b. about 1815, possibly in Essex Co, NY. d. 1869 in Black Brook, Clinton Co. NY. Lived for years in Addison Co., VT and Clinton Co. NY. He was an ironworker. Had 3 wives: Judith (Bailey?) d. 1845, Elvira Downey (m. 1847, divorced 1865), and Sylvia Barnard (bigamous marriage about 1851). Marsha L.H. Masone, 13617 Bluestone Ct, Clifton, VA 20124.
Date Added:2013-08-09 14:57:52
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