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Title: WOOD - Margaret (Nurse) Sarah J (Nurse)
Description: Sarah J WOOD Born 1884 Sunderland, UK Margaret WOOD Born 1886 Sunderland, UK Following on from a previous query regarding the above ladies' nephew John WOOD I have managed to discover that the above worked in New York as nurses. From what I have found Sarah J Wood worked as a nurse at the residence of Ralph Pulitzer as shown on 1930 census East 32nd Street. She worked for others too and have found two other entries 1920 working as a nurse for Henry C Taylor at what looks like East 69th St. Manhattan Assembly District 15. and also 1915 where she is shown as nurse to family of Edgar C LEVY at Church Lane, Westchester, Scarsdale. Sarah had several trips across the sea which I have records of and I imagine she worked for others who were not recorded on Census. Margaret also made several visits in fact more than Sarah if,uk records suggest. I can only find one instance on census and that is 1920 and nurse to Nathan Straus and family at MAD 7. I cannot make out the Street (possibly West 72nd) House No 27, Dwelling 72, Visited No 254. It seems like my two relatives worked with fairly respectable families and would be interested to gain any insight as to working conditions etc. These ladies were my great grand aunts. As far as inquiries with my family it appears neither were married and spent their lives nursing. I would be grateful to learn more about these fine ladies and welcome any contact. Best regards - Bryn Jones (Sunderland UK)
Date Added:2014-01-09 05:38:44
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