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Description: My ggggrandfather Jeremiah Johnson was a smith having his shop later in Market St, New York City and lived later in Cumberland St, Brooklyn. He died with what we believed was a not inconsequential sum of money. Also lived in Essex St and I know that building is still standing. We are at a loss to find his parents - not on his death certificate, not on his Will which we have and cannot find any birth records for children born between 1817 and 1832 in NYC, nor marriage records, nor obits. Any help appreciated. Jeremiah was born in 1795 (no month or day) in apparently Virginia to New York parents and he died on 31 March 1871 in Brooklyn. I travelled to NYC from Australia to secure his Will and other documents relating to his life. More to come I hope.
Date Added:2014-02-03 18:35:31
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