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Title: immigrant destination query
Description: You are in luck! This is a question that can easily be answered using online resources. The 1905 New York State census will provide you with what was located at 965 Columbus Avenue in June of 1905, and will show you who was living there just before your ancestors arrived. You can view the census online free of charge at Instead of searching for a name, you can browse through the images here: (the 'browse' link is all the way at the bottom). As the street numbers have not changed greatly, go over to, and use his handy tool "Obtaining AD/ED for the 1890-1925 New York State Census in One Step" as the sections in FamilySearch are broken down by AD/ED, not street names. According to the tool at, you should look at the 21/30, 21/31, and 21/32 to try and find Columbus Avenue around 107th Street (about where 965 should be). The rest is up to you to go page by page and find your Columbus Avenue address. I browsed quickly myself and found a Finnish family living at 965 Columbus Avenue in 1905- perhaps they are relatives of your ancestors or friends or former neighbors from Finland! Also, be sure to look at the other families at that address whose nationality was listed as "Russian" as Finland was part of the Russian Empire at the time. Good luck in your research, WEBMASTER NYG&B
Date Added:2014-02-12 10:37:09
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