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Title: McCoy/Coddington
Description: Seeking: McCoy/Coddington Connection. Trying to determine when our branch of McCoys arrived Manhattan/Perth Amboy, NJ area, and if a marriage had ever taken place between a McCoy and a daughter of the Coddingtons from Perth Amboy. Our great grandfather was Theodore Codington McCoy (b. 1837 Perth Amboy), son of (John) Thomas McCoy (b. 1790 NY?NJ) and Mary Deforest. Found: 1830's NYC directory listing John McCoy in household of Mary Coddington widow of Isaac, plus instances where McCoys and Coddingtons lived steps from one another in NYC 1790-1840. Note: Evidence suggests we're not direct descendants of Duncan McCoy - known to have arrived at Perth Amboy in 1715 (perhaps with other family members?) aboard the Caledonia. Sue Abrahamsen, P.O. Box 146, Hadlyme, CT 06439
Date Added:2014-04-13 16:19:21
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