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Description: Seeking information on the parents of Jane Ludlow (born 10 Dec 1756. ) who married Silas Halsey (born 12 June 1753 and died bet. 1801 and 1812 in Sag Harbor, Long Island). Jane is buried with the Rogers family in the Hayground Cemetery, west of Bridgehampton, Long Island: Epitaph:”In memory of Jane Relict of Silas Halsey who died Oct. 9, 1836 Ae. 80.” (Perhaps Jane was related to the Rogers family.?)There is no gravestone there for Silas. Children of Silas and Nancy: Mehetable, William L., Hannah, Jane died 1783, Betsey, Abigail, Jane born 1790, Ruth, Nancy born 1796 and Silas born 1799. We have the test results for our mtDNA line to Jane and would welcome the opportunity to compare with another descendant. A Wattman
Date Added:2012-02-23 16:22:09
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