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Title: Nathaniel Scales -- b. 1819 (Ireland) - d. 1901 (Binghamton)
Description: Looking for info on Nathaniel Scales, cordwainer (bootmaker), whose obit said "former well known resident of Horseheads." Resided with his dau Jane Scales Watson and Son-in-law Maj. James Watson in Binghamton at the time of his death. He immigrated 1837 but unclear what port of entry although he is listed as Cordwainer in Hartford CT 1846 City Directory (on Welles St) where his two Civil War Vet sons were born -- Thomas and Joseph (1842/1845, respectively). Our questions include: 1) did Nathaniel come to either Hartford, CT or Binghamton/Horseheads NY to join other family already established? and 2) how did he come to hook up with the Watson family b/c he lived with James father Nathan in Census 1860 and James in Census 1900.
Date Added:2012-05-08 14:30:42
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