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Description: Henry “Harry” F Holtgrewe Born--10 Oct 1886 in NY, NY, NY (Manhattan) to Heinrich & Dora Holtgrewe (copy of birth certificate—1st child of 8; other children have been documented birth to death) Residence: 1900 Census—(age 14) 1885 E. 167th in the Bronx Residence: 1905 State Census 54th ED, 35th AD in Bronx—(age 18) 2700 Morris Ave (clerk in liquor store) Residence: 1910 Census—(age 24) 2716 Morris Ave (Custom House)—single Marriage to Mae P. Costello 22 Mar 1912 in Manhattan (copy of marriage certificate #7816) Residence: 1916 NYC Directory—2716 Morris Ave (guard US Customs)—married Residence: 1917 Draft registration—Brooklyn (married working as Galvanizer –company and location listed but difficult to read) Asked for exemption based on already serving 4 years in Costal Artillery??) A relative said his wife’s name was Francis. Where to look now? I cannot find anything on him beyond 1917. Please reply at
Date Added:2012-06-03 11:45:59
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