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Title: Van Tuyll van Serooskerken
Description: Seeking (1) date and place of marriage of the retired Dutch cavalry captain Hendrik Willem Jacob VAN TUYLL VAN SEROOSKERKEN (1777-1824), who married the widow Catharine HALSEY(née WILL) in the United States between February 1817 and October 1819; and (2) date and place of birth of their daughter Louisa Henriette VAN TUYLL (VAN SEROOSKREKEN), born most probably in New York or Philadelphia 18 or 19 January 1819. Catharine WILL, daughter of Henry WILL, married Charles Herman HALSEY, merchant in Baltimore, in the German Reformed Church of New York City 31 October 1798 (The Record 127 [1996]: 159). They had at least the following children: a. Catharina Henriette HALSEY, born in New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore 17 May 1801; b. Anna Maria HALSEY, born in New York, Philadelphia or somewhere in New Jersey 12 November 1805 (baptized Cranbury, New Jersey [First Presbyterian Church] 24 September 1809); and c. Henry Arnold HALSEY, born unknown where 9 March 1809 (baptized Cranbury, New Jersey [First Presbyterian Church] 24 September 1809). Louisa Henriette VAN TUYLL married William SCHENCK/SCHANCK (1815-1868) in Cranbury, New Jersey (First Presbyterian Church) 5 July 1838. They had several children and further descendants. Catharina Henriette HALSEY married a Dutchman and lived in the city of Zwolle, Netherlands. Anna Maria HALSEY, 'of New York', married Joseph WHITE (1791-1867), merchant, 'of Boston', in Batavia, now Jakarta, Java, Indonesia, 20 March 1825. Joseph WHITE later was cashier of the Atlas Bank in Boston. Charles Herman HALSEY was most probably a son of Decimus HALSEY (1704-1768), merchant in Hamburg, member of the Halsey family of Great Gaddesden, Hertfordshire, England. It would be of great help if some reader could supply the date asked for. Many thanks in advance.
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