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Description: HAIGHT. Seeking information on David Haight Jr., who married Hester Ann Anderson, probably on 2 Dec 1835 at the Second Street M.E. Church, Brooklyn, New York (couple listed as David Height and Hester Ann Anderton). They had at least one child, David, born about 1838. According to the administration of his estate, “David Haight Jr.”, died 26 May 1838 (before a census entry that might help) in the City of New York. Probate was granted to Hester Ann, his wife, in 1863, 25 years after his death. Burial entry not found in NYC. Birth unknown - son gave his father’s birthplace as New York in 1880 and 1900. Lillian Cognetta, 40 Cranford Avenue, Staten Island, NY, 10306,
Date Added:2011-08-21 14:12:31
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