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Title: WOOD John Born 1st May 1904 Sunderland UK died 25th January 1927 New York
Description: My late mother's uncle moved to New York in the mid 1920's. We have some details which include a letter immediately prior to his death on 25th January 1927 a couple of days after attending the boxing match of Fidel la Barba and William 'Elky' Clark on 21st January 1927. His letter was sent to his father on 22nd January with his address given as 119, 40 Street, Corona LJ, however his business card showed an address of 412, East 65th Street, New York City with a telephone number of Rhinelander 0300 ext 99. Having just visited New York 16th Sept 2012 I noted the address in E 65th Street appears to have been replaced. I did not visit Corona. I am not sure when John WOOD arrived in New York nor why he emigrated. I would be grateful if anyone could assist to fill in any blanks. He mentions in his letter a couple of Aunts who may have lived in NY although their names are hard to make out. I know there is an anecdotal family tale that there was some concern regarding sending John's body back to the UK by boat after his death. I cannot find any information in the UK although his body was interred near to my home. Thank you in advance - Bryn I look forward to another visit to New York as yet unplanned for 2013.
Date Added:2012-10-01 21:38:23
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