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Title: Wyatt-Holden
Description: WYATT-HOLDEN. Seeking any data concerning Francis Wyatt who lived in England in the late 18th century and possibly early 19th century. His name may be found on the birth record of a George Francis Holden, born in the mid 1790s. The child would have been his natural son and also the son of Mary Holden, daughter of George Holden. George Francis landed in Boston in the first decade of the nineteenth century and married a woman named Margaret Nichols in New York City. Any reference to any of these individuals, if residing in the same area at roughly the same time, would be welcome. Marjorie H. Holden, 263 West End Ave., Apt 21B, New York, NY 10023-2617,
Date Added:2011-08-21 14:20:28
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