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Description: ROGERS-BENEDICT. Seeking ancestral, sibling, and death information on Stephen Rogers, born 1794 in Walton, Delaware Co. He married Mary Seely Benedict, 20 June 1822 in New Canaan, Connecticut, a daughter of James Benedict and Sarah St. John. Mary died 30 April 1866; buried in Benedict family cemetery in Walton. Children: Erastus (b. 1824; d. 6 July 1878; m. Elizabeth Cook; both buried Walton Cemetery); James G., (b. 1828; m. Hannah Fitch, 14 February 1855, Walton); Elizabeth (or Eliza) (b. circa 1831). Land deeds probably pertain to this Stephen: Liber I p. 368, 30 July 1827, Stephen B. Rogers bought 50 acres in Franklin, (Lot #69 subdivision of Bedlington Patent); Liber 34, p. 341, 11 February 1830, Stephen B. Rogers sold said land to Alanzo Hawley. Marjorie Alison Thibodeau, P.O. Box 867, BoquerĂ³n, PR 00622,
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