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Title: Blair Family
Description: Hello, Hoping someone or someones can help me. Robert Blair was a sailor (from Massachusetts) and went to South Africa, where he met and married and had one child, named Hazel Blair, with a woman named Cora. In 1930 US Census they all were living in Brooklyn, New York. By 1940 US Census, Cora, Hazel and another child Newton are still living in New York, New York but Robert is in New Hampshire with another woman who he later marries. On his marriage record it states he’s divorce so sometime between 1940 to 1942 Cora and Robert got a divorce. What I like to have is more information on Cora (born abt 1904 South Africa), Hazel (born abt 1925 South Africa) and Newton (born abt 1931 in New York) as in when they died, who they married, if the children had any children and if possible where they are buried. Any ideas on locating obituaries would be greatly appreciated also. Thank You, Beatrice Downs PO BOX 11332 Portland, ME 04104
Date Added:2012-11-02 09:09:36
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