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Title: Baxter
Description: BAXTER. Seeking information about the grandparents of Amelia Baxter, daughter of John Henry and Eliza Betsey (perhaps Thomas). Amelia was born in Manhattan about 1836-1838. She married Henry C. Davis in 1853; Thomas Layton in 1861; and William Quailey about 1889. She had at least six siblings: Samuel G. Baxter (b. abt 1818); Thomas S. Baxter, (b. abt 1823); Mary Baxter Livingston, (b. abt 1825); John H. Baxter Jr., (b. abt 1828); David Baxter, (b. abt 1829); and Catherine Baxter (m. McVoy), (b. abt 1834). Bruce Seger, 115 Forster Place, Melville, NY 11747,
Date Added:2011-08-21 14:25:55
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