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Description: Seeking parents of Lucy Joslin/Joslyn, b. about 1810 in NYS, wife of George Walby/Waldby. George was b. England, son of William and Sarah Walby. Family settled in Otsego Co. Census records show George and Lucy in Augusta, Oneida Co., in 1830; New Lisbon, Otsego Co., in 1840; and Columbia, Herkimer Co., in 1850. In 1855 Lucy, widow, was in German Flats, Herkimer Co., and in 1860 was the wife of PhilipLehman, living in German Flats. In March 1863 Lucy “Layman” relinquished entitlement of administrator of son Ralph’s estate. No record of Lucy’s death, but Philip remarried 2 Oct 1874.
Date Added:2013-03-20 15:49:17
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