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Description: MANEGGIA-VILLANI. Seek information to find my Italian great-grandparents, Elmenigildo and Dominca (Villani) Maneggia who lived in New York City 1870-1875, or information on members of their cluster group: Bartorini, Casazza, DeMartini, Ferade, Giaubaritta, Manella, Maneggia (Luigi & Catherine), Pastorini, Perro, Poggi, Rosaseo, Traverso and Rev. Cauvin. Searches online include NY/NJ census, passenger lists, cemeteries, surrogate court, and NYG&B. None have had positive results. One obituary had one living on Baxter St, NYC, and baptisms at Our Lady of Grace, Hoboken, NJ, but did not have member's addresses. What suggestions do you have? Nancy McNamara, 8782 Timber Pt., San Antonio, TX 78250,
Date Added:2011-08-21 14:40:44
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