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Description: HILER–DAVIES. Seek ancestry, parents, and siblings of two brothers: Selah Hiler (b. New Jersey, 1811; m. Catherine Martin, 2 Feb. 1839, NYC; d. 2 Mar. 1892, NYC; last residence 88 West 61st St.) and John Hiler (b. New Jersey, 18__; m. Sarah Ann Davies, Ossining, NY, 29 Dec.1839; d. 1854, in Panama in transit to California). Selah operated businesses that included a brass foundry and manufacturing of gas tubing at 144 Forsyth St. in lower Manhattan; in 1840 John manufactured shade rolls at 45 Gold Street, NYC, he moved in 1842 to conduct business in New Orleans. Joan W. Drake, 2532 Q St, NW, Washington, DC 20007,
Date Added:2011-08-21 14:41:38
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