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Title: Rapalje
Description: To all Rapeljes, Rapaljes, Raplees, etc. and all descendants therefrom (regardless of the spelling of the name): I am creating a multi-media artwork for the Brooklyn Museum of Art, based on my ancestral relation to Joris and Catalyntje's daughter, Sarah and her first husband Hans Hansen Bergen. The exhibition will open in late February. It will be part of a 4-woman show called "Playing House" in which each artist creates a different "intervention" into one or more of the Museum's period rooms. I chose the two Schenck Houses because they are of Long Island Dutch origin, and I am going to insert, among other things, objects and images of my Rapalje ancestry--mine and a million other people! Including yours, I hope.  Please send photographs (tiffs or good jpegs) of your families and ancestors, and information describing your line of descent to my   By the way you can check me out at my Facebook page,  I look forward to seeing your responses and your faces. Many thanks, Mary Lucier New York
Date Added:2011-10-29 10:04:37
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