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Title: Sisco
Description: Looking for any record pertaining to Philip Sisco, born about 1739 to 1750. He was known to live in Albany Co., NY. He was in Revolutionary war 4th Reg. NY Line . He was suspected as a Tory and arrested twice as a Tory. He changed his name to Philip Coe and enlisted again in 1780 as Coe in the 5th Regiment NY LIne and was moved to 2nd Reg. Invalid Reg. I'm looking for records of his marriage to Barbara Neston, she died about 1777. I'm looking for any kind of birth record of Philip Sisco, perhaps he was in an Orphans Home, in Albany or Dutchess Co. NY. His two children with Barbara were ichabod and James Sisco, they also had to change their names to Coe, I'm searching for birth records on them as Sisco, they were probably born in Albany or Dutchess Co. NY. Philip Sisco's DNA mashes Richard Sisco as the father.
Date Added:2014-03-25 18:25:43


Title: philip coe/sisco
Description: To whom it may concern, I've been researching Hines/Coe side, Elizabeth Coe who married Hines was my search originally and that led me back to Philip Coe. There is alot of information at You might see if searching names of that line before or after him Would show a hit. How are you related to Coe family. Perhaps searching marriage records etc of that family chain would reveal some results. You will find Primitive times outlaw ways, rangers etc show whole family of being self made before laws were even formed. It is interesting reading and there are pictures. I would like you to share any other resources you find. I've been researching since I was 11yrs old. I'm 66 now. Believe me it goes by quickly" (happy thanksgiving & hunting..
Date Added:2014-11-26 17:44:55