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Title: O'Brien families of New York and Elizabeth NJ 1850-1980
Description: Seeking information on the following John O'Brien 6/7/1839 cork ireland died in union nj (myGGGF) and any one of his family specifically my Grandfather Timothy, his son who married Elizabeth Teresa O'Brien(maiden) of New York daughter of William S and Elizabeth O'Brien born in Cork Ireland 8/22/1852(William) Elizabeth is also known as Teresa and Lillian O'Brien. I am willing to hire someone at this point in order to track down my GGPs Timoth and Elizabeth and their parents information. Further Iam seeking any information on Kathleen Shanley the last link I had to my GGPs who lived and died in NY in the bronx,brooklyn,manhatten and finally hamton bays areas. If you can be of any help please email me and I will provide the data I have to date on this search. Thank you Colleen
Date Added:2014-06-17 22:47:47