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Title: Adams, Yeomans, Fosgate, Herkimer
Description: Adding to the above information, Preston Yeomans is a typo and should read Prentice Yeomans. Prentice resided in German Flatts and served served as a carpenter. In 1834, Prentice served as a commissioner to build a new county courthouse. Prentice removed to Ionia, Michigan in 1837. Prentice's brother, the Honorable Erastus Yeomans, removed to Ionia earlier in 1833 as part of the Dexter Colony of pioneers. Erastus served as the first postmaster in Ionia. Prior to that that time, Erastus resided in German Flatts with his wife, Phebe (Arnold) Yeomans and family. Before his departure to Ionia, Erastus deeded his property in German Flatts to his father and mother, Daniel and Esther (Sterling) Yeomans for the remainder of their lives. I have a copy of the grant deed. Daniel served in the Relutionary War. I understand Daniel and Esther are buried somewhere in German Flatts, but their burial site is unknown. Daniel's daughter, Clarissa Yeomans, married Nathaniel Adams the subject of my search for information. If anyone has Adams family history they wish to share, it would be greatly appreciated.
Date Added:2012-03-31 18:55:36