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Title: Sulkowski
Description: We are writing from the Museum in Bielsko-Biała ( Currently we are preparing a history of the Sułkowski family and we have found information that from 1853 to around 1860 the family lived in New Bremen, Albany, Lewis, Croghan or Harrisville. Thus we are writing to you as we are looking for some documents about the family. We are looking for a married couple the duke Ludwik Sulkowski and his wife Maria Antoinette Sulkowski (her maiden name was Gemperle) who got married on 3rd June 1853 in the church of Holy Cross (Albany, NY). Information about the family living in your are we have found in this publication - F. B. Hough, A History o Lewis County, in the State of New York, from the beginning of its settlement to the present time., Albany 1860, s.101 - as well as in some newspapers from that period. They probably had five children born in one of those towns: 14.12.1853 SULKOWSKI Thaida 15.11.1854 SULKOWSKI Louis 17.11.1855 SULKOWSKI Alfred Johann 08.12.1856 SULKOWSKI Alexander Eduard 12.02.1858 SULKOWSKI Maria Theresia Antonia Thus, we are also looking for birth certificates of those children. Around 1858 the family came back to Europe, and Ludwik and Antoinette Sulkowski died in Bielsko (today it is Bielsko-Biała, Poland). We are looking for any documents and photos of the family and we would like to ask you if you have any in your archives. If you do we would like to ask you for duplicates or at least photocopies of certificates of marriage and births of the persons enumerated above as well as copies of any pictures you will be able to find. With regards, Grzegorz Madej Museum in Bielsko-Biala, Castle (old estate of the Sulkowski family) e-mail:
Date Added:2011-10-18 09:34:23


Title: sulkowski
Description: My grandfather was Karl Wilhelm Furst von Sulkowski who emigrated to the United States about 1900. We are trying to find information about his parents/siblings. Where do I start?
Date Added:2012-06-24 07:26:03