Harlem Dutch Reformed Church cemetery disinterments

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Disinterments from the Vaults and Churchyard of the Dutch Reformed Church of Harlem, 1869-1875
Prompted by New York City's northward growth, the Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church of Harlem purchased a plot in Woodlawn Cemetery in 1869. The remains interred in its old cemetery in First Avenue between 124th and 125th Streets, and also those in the churchyard on Third Avenue and 121st Street, were removed to the plot in Woodlawn; the transfer was completed in 1875. A manuscript file containing documentation relevant to this process has been digitized and made available in our elibrary.

Harry Macy's article "Dutch Reformed Records of New York City (Manhattan)," which may be found on our website here includes a comprehensive overview of the location of records from the Harlem church, as well as other Dutch Reformed churches in Manhattan.

The Dutch Reformed Church of Harlem was organized in 1660 in New York City. Edgar Tilton's 1910 history, "The Reformed Low Dutch Church of Harlem", may be viewed online for free at http://openlibrary.org/books/OL7150360M/The_Reformed_Low_Dutch_Church_of-Harlem_organized_1660, as a service of www.openlibrary.org.