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Search Results for family names starting with the letter F.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
FreerAnna Maria (Van Kleeck) m.182475:164
FreerAnna Maria b.176935:24
FreerAnnatie (Dewitt)51:51
FreerAnnatie (Freer)35:177
FreerAnnatje ()35:177
FreerAnnatje (Blanschan) m.177034:276
FreerAnnatje (Deyo)34:177
FreerAnnatje b.171834:15
FreerAnnatje b.176234:277
FreerAnnatje b.178935:24
FreerAnnatje b.178935:123
FreerAnnatje b.179023:71
FreerAnnatje b.179835:177
FreerAnnatje b.180235:174
FreerAnnatje bp. 172034:12
FreerAnnatje bp. 172934:133,172
FreerAnnatje bp. 173934:175
FreerAnnatje bp. 174934:175
FreerAnnatje bp. 177034:174
FreerAnnatje bp. 177734:276
FreerAnnatje bp. 177735:26
FreerAnnatje m.174673:228
FreerAnny Hasbrouck b.181235:173
FreerAnthony b.173435:25
FreerAnthony b.179735:173
FreerAnthony bp. 173434:172
FreerAnthony d.1806113:166
FreerAnthony m.176139:140
FreerAntie b.180435:177
FreerAntje (Van Weyen) m.170534:11
FreerAntjen bp. 172134:12
FreerAntoinetta (Louis) m.175534:274
FreerAntonetta (Lewis)60:251
FreerAntoni bp. 178535:174
FreerAntoni bp. 178535:26
FreerAriaantje bp. 173334:173
FreerArreantje (Veley)35:178
FreerArriantje (Neely) m.179474:35
FreerArriantje m.179994:89
FreerBalthus b.179335:241
FreerBalthus d.179735:241
FreerBaltus b.179835:241
FreerBaltus m.182475:164
FreerBarent 1762-183160:254