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Search Results for family names starting with the letter G.
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Family NameGiven NameVolume:Page
GreenSarah bp. 179140:107
GreenSarah C. b.186176:103
GreenSarah Carpenter (Van Gelder)75:176
GreenSarah Catharine (Davis) m.1874115:90
GreenSarah Douglas b.1842106:151
GreenSarah E. b.184955:369
GreenSarah Eliz.( )47:16
GreenSarah Elizabeth (Van Antwerp)79:219
GreenSarah Elizabeth (Van Antwerp)80:169
GreenSarah Elizabeth b.183339:208
GreenSarah F.() d.1872 64y58:376
GreenSarah Huff87:224
GreenSarah Jane b.182872:241
GreenSarah Jane b.183439:202
GreenSarah Jane Peacock 1877-192058:380
GreenSarah King80:169
GreenSarah m.179777:72
GreenSarah m.180283:163
GreenSarah m.180483:232
GreenSarah m.181739:110
GreenSarah Maria (Raymond)39:212
GreenSarah Robinson (Greene)18:131
GreenSarah Robinson (Greene)30:69-73
GreenSarah Wing b.180839:114
GreenSarah Wing b.180839:205
GreenSidney A.103:135
GreenSidney b.181139:115,208
GreenSidney b.185639:209
GreenSidney Harper b.184339:208
GreenSidney Sherwood81:211
GreenSimon bp. 178461:85
GreenSimon Perkins b.183359:246,365
GreenSolomon m.185393:50
GreenSophia Indiana b.179839:112,202
GreenSophia m.174673:228
GreenSpeddy m.180980:108
GreenStarkey Mortimer b.190260:34
GreenStephen b.180859:245
GreenStephen Sanford b.189960:34,40
GreenStephen Squire b.183959:246,366
GreenStirling Hude80:169